Chillin on a Sunday Afternoon....

Fellas - no more excuses! There is no reason you can't look stylish, be comfortable and also be just as versatile as the ladies. This outfit is a perfect example. Chill out in vintage cords and an H&M sweater during the day (and some old school sneaks if you leave the house!). Later that evening, when you are heading out, you just throw on a vintage, leather blazer and rockin' Amir shoes from Italy. Don't be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe either. Men of all skin colors look good in bright blue and purple. Hit me up with any styling questions and I will be happy to help.. send a pic and you might be featured on verseastyle!


  1. I try and help out the chicos too on my blog. I think that more female bloggers should post on men's fashion.

  2. I sooo agree! There is no excuse not to be fashionable even for men. Thanks for that sentiment, verseastyle!