Dear Santa,

Besides the usual love, peace, happiness and health..... thought I would make your work a little easier this year with my top ten list! Of course any gift is always appreciated :) and awaaaaaay we go...

  1. The Fountain of Youth (or closest thing to it) Lancome Genifique
  2. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and Eyelid Primer (does this count as 2 items?!)
  3. Nine West Rontae boots in black and Electra in brown (don't see my sizes in these, but you ARE Santa!)
  4. Wedge Lace Ups from e-bay in black
  5. Dolce and Gabbana black, suede wedges ( or similar style! - I have been THAT good, promise!)
  6. Nike running shoes (black/ purple color)
  7. Nike workout capris (recurring theme here is to work out in the new year, well more than in the old year)
  8. Michael Kors purse (yes in the burgundy/ wine color)
  9. Forever 21 dress (for NYE! - at this price everyone can still afford to go out, just in case I need to buy for myself)
  10. Gap jeans ( the wardrobe "must have" for now and the spring - yes light wash jeans are BACK!)
Should I do a top 20 list?!? You know.... just in case or for everyone else that wants to shower me with gifts! No, I will leave it at this and be thankful - everyone have a safe and happy holiday! xoxoxoxo


  1. It's like you almost read my mind! I think I'm going to steal some items from your list! ;) !!!!

  2. Hope you get EVERYTHING on your wishlist!


  3. Oh the wedge laceups are super pretty!
    Thank you for your lovely comment and you don't have to feel bad for me any more. My heat was finally fixed yesterday afternoon ;)

  4. If only!
    Thanks for the comment also,
    Come again!
    Please follow if you haven't already, 200 followers by xmas is my goal :)


  5. you look real fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!