Holiday Party Time!!!!! Ohhhh I love to dress up, especially around holiday time when less people stare at all of my sparkles ha ha ha. As I have said before, I adore anything that shines and this is the season to break them all out. Luckily for me, sparkle, sequins and shine are all in this season and even just a little will go a long way. I just purchased this tunic at the local Goodwill.... so go now as some thrift stores purposefully stash their shiny stuff for this time of year. This tunic would be great for any woman, any age, any size due to the cut and the fact that it simply has a few sequins on the front and the rest is silver threading. I like it as a dress, (which I put over a black slip and solid black tights) but it would also look good (and a little more conservative) with black pants,  a black skirt or even leggings for a little more coverage. I live and learn like the rest of the world and next time I would wear some black boy shorts underneath so I would feel a little more comfortable. The shoes are Chinese Laundry- and the suede with patent cutouts is super sexy. Over the next few posts I will show you different looks for different parties and get your imaginations flowing... have fun with your clothes!


  1. dress-up is so much fun ... and i love love the top with lurex - so light and pretty!!! xx

  2. love dressing up for parties too!


  3. Oooh ... that dress! Fabulous!


  4. SPARKLY!!! :D Rock that!! ... and thanks for visiting my little piece of the blog work :) come again soon! <3