Monday & Tuesday, then W.T.F.!

A quick post before I start Tuesday off and I haven't even had my coffee! I get a lot of questions asking what to wear to work and what is appropriate. I feel it is different for various job settings, so I try to answer each individual. Such a simple question that really can have a somewhat complex answer. I work at a design firm, so needless to say we get a little more flexibility than say, a banker.
Monday, I wore a mostly grey outfit, the lighting at work is not the best in this hallway, but the sweater is a purple/brown just to break it up a little. Mainly, I wanted to show the tights/ sandals combo - I am really into this look right now or socks/ sandals since the weather in Atlanta is perfect (at least for the last 2 days) to sport this without looking crazy (i.e. do not try this look yet in the snowy north)! Kenneth Cole skirt, The Limited sweater, Mossimo tank, Target tights, Calvin Klein shoes.
Today, I am wearing a vintage tunic, Target leggings, and shoes from Aldo. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!


  1. świetne polączenie rajstop i butów. Naprawdę podoba mi się ten trend.

  2. great outfits missy but your choice of shoes is even more amazing!!! specially the Aldo ones :)

    have a great week


  3. such cute outfits! love the boots/wedges in the second outfit especially :)


  4. really nice outfit, especially the one in the first picture. i love the socks + sandals/heels combo too, although sometimes it feels a bit hard for me to be confident enough in them.

  5. love those little booties you are wearing in the last outfit! really sweet! xx

  6. loving both looks and in love with the shoesssss xoxo

  7. love the shoes
    great bold colors on the dress
    simple and chic
    thanks for sharing as always


  8. thank you!

    i'm jealous that you can sport the socks & sandals combo. i'm in pittsburgh and the weather has been so bad that i haven't been able to. i always think that's such a cute look.


  9. the shoes are fantastic , I like them ;)