Random 2010

Do you feel like a new year and decade has begun? Me neither ha ha ha! Thought I would post just some of the many random thoughts floating through my head....

I have wanted and looked for a feather headband since feathers showed up again on the runways, and alas my friend showed up to work in a beautiful feather headband that I lust for... looks even prettier on her gorgeous red hair. I checked H&M but their feathers seemed to be falling off so skipped that one, then saw the feather clip in my new In Style mag available at my ultimate fave cheap store: Tarjay so checked my locale and they did not have but I will be checking back and/ or making my own!

Next on to the lips - I have to do lipstick or gloss in the winter to keep my lips soft and to add some color to my face. Dark is hard for everyone to figure out so I attached the page above (In Style again - click to see up close) to help us out with which shade looks best on which skin. I can not wait to try this out and do a post with the full face makeup on. Nude is the go to choice for me everyday and I found one that DOES NOT dry out my lips - L'Oreal with Anti Aging Serum. I am in love with this lipstick right now!

Why did I not think of this? A card service that lets you enter important dates, pick a card and then it will show up at your house pre-stamped and addressed and ready to sign?!?! We can all be more organized in 2010. I know I love to get cards but am personally the world's worst at remembering to send them - usually on said date instead of before. Not anymore... thanks Jack Cards!

Lastly, the snow and ice at my house this past weekend - we are still recovering - gotta love the south!

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