A/W 2010 LFW - Designer Spotlight: NATHAN JENDEN

While some of the looks from the Nathan Jenden collection are a little over the top - which I love for the show - most models could have easily stepped off the runway into reality...... a very sweet reality! For the rest of our winter, I will be layering different lengths a la pic #2 and have already tried the grey with the splash of nudeish pink color (pic #4). Which is your fave look?!?! I will showcase 2 other designers that I love from London Fashion Week in the next couple of posts. Swoon!


At Night, When You're Far And I'm Alone, I Feel the Fabric of Your T-Shirt

I swear I am getting more and more lazy by the day - spring needs to hurry up! This is effortless, easy and I still feel like I am not conforming to boring clothes! Super comfy T-shirt dress by NY & Co. - the strap in the back is detachable so you can have it hang off shoulder if you wanted a little different look. It also came with a belt - but I always cut off the 'belt loops / aka little string bits that they somehow think will hold anything in place" since they are usually placed way too high up for me ... so with leggings, I may have added the belt for a little more shape. I love the print and of course anything black/white/grey. I think I may have worn grey every day this week so far. Target tights, Aldo boots, Vintage ring, Kenneth Cole bracelet. Need to do something with the hair - again I am pretty lazy for a 'fashion' person but hey... anyone trying a new hairstyle for spring?!?!


A Classy Flea

This past weekend was beautiful! It was in the low 60's and sunny finally! I did a lot of nothing which includes sleeping late and eating out, but got some cool stuff done too. Let's see... Friday went to see Avatar 3D Imax - yes I am late.. but hey - I can't stand crowded theaters with over talkative teenagers - so I always see movies late! Saturday, rode out to one of my fave flea markets/ antique shops... A Classy Flea. I found quite a few items to buy and above are a few of my new treasures.... a gold framed mirror with gorgeous detail and I love the curvy shape, a colorful Parisian print, 2 pairs of so-ugly-they-r-cute wedges in the brightest colors, and my fave new ring which you will, no doubt, see a lot of in the next few posts! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... back to the grind.


Floral Fever

This is a beautiful take on the floral trend we are seeing everywhere right now. It feels different than the same small prints taking over the stores. The print is a combo of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies and the color combo of black/white/green/yellow is so fun not to mention it brightens up my winter skin a little! I wear this dress year round by layering black tops and sweaters with black tights in the winter. This time, I wore some gloves I got as a gift for Christmas, a Kenneth Cole leather bracelet and my Aldo wedges to toughen up the look a little. For summer, I usually throw on a white sweater and green wedges. I bought this dress at Talbot's last year and have definitely gotten my money's worth. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Windy City

WOW! Good job I don't spend much time doing my hair since the wind is whipping today! Have been dying to show you my new purse but with all the rain and snow it has not made it's debut until now. I am in love with this color.... perfect nude/beige/pink and leather so really I can carry it year round. It is Andrew Marc. The tone on tone dressing consists of H&M sweater, Target dress and tights, skinny belts from Kenneth Cole (also leather bracelet) and Kenar, Versace glasses, Aldo shoes.


Reflection of the Soul

So funny to think I wore this to work last Thursday and by Friday at 1 pm it was snowing! We had about 5" this weekend! The weather in Atlanta this time of year just yo-yos between freezing and springly warm .... making outfit-decision-time in the morning extra fun! So the only solution is just to layer, layer, layer. I wore grey Calvin Klein sandals, Old Navy jeans, tshirt from Target, and a vintage blazer. Hope everyone had a loving V day :)


Good Job Messy Is In...

I wanted to try the messy braid trend since I saw the spring shows. I love it! Thankfully, messy is in since I am not a great braider by any means and my hair is in dire need of a cut, but as anyone with layers knows, we will have some bits that will just stick out of the braid! The easiest way I found to do this (and quickest) is to pull the front and sides up into a small ponytail on top of your head, braid this first and use it as the center piece to your braid. Next just start pulling in the sides until you get to the nape of your neck, secure with an elastic (clear would be best or black on dark hair), then just braid the rest! Do not try this on clean hair - the dirtier the better lol. I also want to try it to the side, but did not think it would  be quite appropo for mid week in the office, maybe casual Friday. I did feel like Laura Croft all day since on top of the braid,  I was sporting black leggings, black top and this vintage army green blazer!


Skinny Style

My new ring is here!!!! I got this new ring about a week or so ago and have not stopped sporting it since. The cool, feminine take on the 2 finger ring, a.k.a. knuckleduster, a.k.a. brass knuckles - whatever you want to call it, has not left my hand since arrival. Thanks to the creative minds at SkinnyStyle (oh you surely did not think I was referring to moi!) ha ha Take a look - they have more rings that I want for spring/summer 10 and with these prices, I can afford to adorn each and every finger...


Ahoy Mate!

I unintentionally get into a style or color for a few days at a time. It was only when I left the house this morning that I realized I look like a sailor...... military influence abound this week apparently! Wide leg pants are always classy and these navy Jones of NY have been around for some time - they were a great investment piece. I just remembered I bought these as a set with a top that really would look even more like the Navy and that is a blue/ white wide striped silk top ...... actually may wear that with jeans in the next couple days ha ha ha. Anyway, the rest of the ensemble is a vintage striped sweater from Miss Selfridge, Martin & Osa top, gifted silver chain belt. Yes, I need some new shoes and a haircut lol...


Military Influence

Here is a military inspired look that everyone can do! Hit up your local Army Surplus store, Goodwill or boyfriend/hubby closet and find a vintage army vest or shirt (then just cut the sleeves off) and simply add a belt at the thinnest part of your waist. Mine came from the latter and was already sleeveless - so I added black leggings, a black dress and boots. For night, I just removed the leggings! This was a perfect choice for carousing outlets all day and then meeting friends out at night. Later in the spring, I will throw over  a floral dress (and still use a belt to cinch it all in) with sandals. Talk about a verseastyle piece!

Borrowed vest, vintage Top Shop dress, Target leggings, Aldo boots, Guess belt, Versace shades