At Night, When You're Far And I'm Alone, I Feel the Fabric of Your T-Shirt

I swear I am getting more and more lazy by the day - spring needs to hurry up! This is effortless, easy and I still feel like I am not conforming to boring clothes! Super comfy T-shirt dress by NY & Co. - the strap in the back is detachable so you can have it hang off shoulder if you wanted a little different look. It also came with a belt - but I always cut off the 'belt loops / aka little string bits that they somehow think will hold anything in place" since they are usually placed way too high up for me ... so with leggings, I may have added the belt for a little more shape. I love the print and of course anything black/white/grey. I think I may have worn grey every day this week so far. Target tights, Aldo boots, Vintage ring, Kenneth Cole bracelet. Need to do something with the hair - again I am pretty lazy for a 'fashion' person but hey... anyone trying a new hairstyle for spring?!?!

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  1. i love this look. the dress, tights and boots = perfection!