A Classy Flea

This past weekend was beautiful! It was in the low 60's and sunny finally! I did a lot of nothing which includes sleeping late and eating out, but got some cool stuff done too. Let's see... Friday went to see Avatar 3D Imax - yes I am late.. but hey - I can't stand crowded theaters with over talkative teenagers - so I always see movies late! Saturday, rode out to one of my fave flea markets/ antique shops... A Classy Flea. I found quite a few items to buy and above are a few of my new treasures.... a gold framed mirror with gorgeous detail and I love the curvy shape, a colorful Parisian print, 2 pairs of so-ugly-they-r-cute wedges in the brightest colors, and my fave new ring which you will, no doubt, see a lot of in the next few posts! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... back to the grind.


  1. i just took my boyf to see avatar... he loved it... he wants to move there haha!!

    and great find on the mirror ;)

  2. Hey! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, I really like your outfit posts, love the Andrew Marc bag a few posts down.

  3. You just had the perfect weekend. And hubby and I just went to see avatar on Valentine's day and we loooved it! Did you like it? After seeing the movie, I realized that I wished I were blue... they are so pretty! :) p.s. your mirror is my favorite of your purchases, I would have gotten that too.


  4. ooooooh loving that ring - great find xxxxxx

  5. love those wedges! thanks for ur visit and comment!