Good Job Messy Is In...

I wanted to try the messy braid trend since I saw the spring shows. I love it! Thankfully, messy is in since I am not a great braider by any means and my hair is in dire need of a cut, but as anyone with layers knows, we will have some bits that will just stick out of the braid! The easiest way I found to do this (and quickest) is to pull the front and sides up into a small ponytail on top of your head, braid this first and use it as the center piece to your braid. Next just start pulling in the sides until you get to the nape of your neck, secure with an elastic (clear would be best or black on dark hair), then just braid the rest! Do not try this on clean hair - the dirtier the better lol. I also want to try it to the side, but did not think it would  be quite appropo for mid week in the office, maybe casual Friday. I did feel like Laura Croft all day since on top of the braid,  I was sporting black leggings, black top and this vintage army green blazer!

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