Welcome to the Jungle

This is the best top ever! But...... I can not tell you where it is from since my BFF bought it for me :) LOVE the print and the bow on the left shoulder - how subtle can one be!?! I think I am over these black pants - they are a little giving which I did not want, so may be time to move on lol.  I am looking extremely tired and pale... time for some fake tan!! Yes FAKE since I have been a victim of skin cancer and nothing is worth that loves. Still loving my Nine West wedges I scored for $19 last year... even had a lady stare at my feet and say she had the same shoes, but did not know how to wear them. Hoping this inspires ladies like that everywhere. I am back to my inspirational days.. watch out now!!! Totally vintage glasses and excuse the hair.. this was at 7 pm  or later, when my hair was the least of my concerns. We totally are almost at Friday - eh Kirsty B?!??! :) (IN total LOVE with her site.. check her fab British style here). Hugs and kisses.... xoxoxo


  1. Your top really is beautiful and full of exquisite detail. You are certainly rocking this look :)

    - Anna Jane xxx

  2. oh well hello there i do beleive kirsty b would be me! lol! thanks for the shout out! that top is cute perfect neck line xxxx

  3. Lovely outfit!