Pucci - ish

This is my Pucci-ish dress until I can get one of the real ones below! Mine is from Barami. Wedges are vintage Calvin Klein and the khaki dress I layered on top is so old.. I have no idea (the tag is completely gone!).. maybe Esprit?

Both of the Pucci dresses above can be bought here.

Bottom 2 images courtesy of: www.thefind.com


No Label

It really is funny to me when people try to label my style. Believe me when I say I do not fit in any one category. I change constantly and have fun with my clothes. These pics kind of look sporty while tomorrow may be diva followed by hippie chic lol. It is fun to experiment and I love getting inspiration from other bloggers more so than magazines, although there is a strange fascination/slight obsession I have with getting a new magazine and no one and I mean no one can crack it open and look before me. It is kind of a running joke around our house now! Enough with the ramblings... was walking around in beautiful weather at lunch and snapped some photos. Obvi the tshirt and sweater vest were the office attire and the cami only was lunch or happy hour ha ha.

Shoes: Target
Pants:  DKNY
Cami: Gifted
Tshirt: Kenneth Cole
Sweater: Old Navy
Bangle: Vintage from A Classy Flea, Marietta GA
Glasses: Target
Ring: Skinny Style


Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Above: Burberry $795.00

Above: Carin Wester $344.00

Above: Mossimo for Target $24.99

The knotted sandal: I adore the Burberry's above and the Carin Wester's have been relaunched on Pixie Market, so they are now available - again... but I chose to save and spend only $24.99 on Mossimo Patina. They actually look better on the foot - I will post pics soon. They are comfy once you get used to the 'knots' on the side, plus I know the back and sides of a wedge in this color will be trashed (by my tendency to somehow mess up the heels on every pair of shoes I own) by the end of summer.. just watch!


Nice Rack Atlanta

Poor pic quality, but blame Nordstrom lol... Anyhoo - TOMORROW is the grand opening of Nordstrom Rack in Atlanta... Wish I could be there  - wish even more I would win the $2k shopping spree.. but some of us have to work, others.. check out the info. here. I will be there to raid the Rack this weekend or the next - or the next - whenever I think the crowds are not deadly.

image from nordstrom


24 hours to go

Classic black and white.. always looks good and can go from day to night... easily~

7am - leaving the house for the day at work.. I get emails asking what I do during the day to be able to dress more freely than the 'corporate' world. I work at an interior design, architecture and graphics firm in Atlanta. Started out with Target zippered leggings (zipped or unzipped??), Target sweater, vintage slip/dress, Target sunglasses (yes I do love me some Tarjay), Jeffrey Campbell shoes...

(what is wrong with my hand!?)

Ok, so next - going out for cocktails with some freinds/ networking.. you know how it goes... decided to just take off the leggings...

Then out later that evening for some dinner with the man...
Finally, back to the house... bored, playing around with tape thanks to Tessa of Apparellel  (she is just awesome.. check her out!) for the inspiration to get my create on... and this was the result!

Nowhere near the cool rings Tessa did, but hey.. gotta start somewhere and yes I would wear this to the club in a heartbeat..


Let It Be

A lot of photos - but I was having way too much fun! Love this dress, reminds me of the butterflies in the last picture (no idea who took this to give credit, but beautiful!) even though it is clearly flowers. With a wild print dress and killer heels, no need for accessories for me. Both items are actually very comfortable. I see one of my 'babies' made his debut to the blog (3rd from bottom!), accidentally... none the less... introducing Pop Pop - the most laid back cat you will ever see.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell



Love her or hate her... the girl can dress! The PERFECT outfit... what I want to wear now :)

Image via www.mystyle.com