24 hours to go

Classic black and white.. always looks good and can go from day to night... easily~

7am - leaving the house for the day at work.. I get emails asking what I do during the day to be able to dress more freely than the 'corporate' world. I work at an interior design, architecture and graphics firm in Atlanta. Started out with Target zippered leggings (zipped or unzipped??), Target sweater, vintage slip/dress, Target sunglasses (yes I do love me some Tarjay), Jeffrey Campbell shoes...

(what is wrong with my hand!?)

Ok, so next - going out for cocktails with some freinds/ networking.. you know how it goes... decided to just take off the leggings...

Then out later that evening for some dinner with the man...
Finally, back to the house... bored, playing around with tape thanks to Tessa of Apparellel  (she is just awesome.. check her out!) for the inspiration to get my create on... and this was the result!

Nowhere near the cool rings Tessa did, but hey.. gotta start somewhere and yes I would wear this to the club in a heartbeat..


  1. aww... i love it--work that tape girl!! thanks for the shout out, sweet one. you are looking quite sexy!


  2. That tape thing is funny! Love how you changed the look along the day.

    B* a la Moda