Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Above: Burberry $795.00

Above: Carin Wester $344.00

Above: Mossimo for Target $24.99

The knotted sandal: I adore the Burberry's above and the Carin Wester's have been relaunched on Pixie Market, so they are now available - again... but I chose to save and spend only $24.99 on Mossimo Patina. They actually look better on the foot - I will post pics soon. They are comfy once you get used to the 'knots' on the side, plus I know the back and sides of a wedge in this color will be trashed (by my tendency to somehow mess up the heels on every pair of shoes I own) by the end of summer.. just watch!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! those shoes are pretty oh-mazing!! <3 -NB

  2. I saw the Mossimo ones in Target, how are they? Definitely a much better deal!

  3. can i have them all pls xxxxx

  4. i. want. all. now.

    mmmm a must have ! <3

  5. those beige burberry!!!!!

  6. i love target. such a great place to go for staples and the occasional designer collab item.

    i am so excited that you might want a romper and an ear cuff. you would be my first customer! i should have a couple of ear cuffs on the shop tonight or tomorrow. yay! and as for the romper. it is simply made out of a "wife beater". will you shoot me your e-mail so i can explain more and not have to write a novel on your comment page? pwetty pwease. love.


  7. Katie- I love these shoes! The knot will rub a little on the side until they are broken in but then comfy! Fits true to size.