No Label

It really is funny to me when people try to label my style. Believe me when I say I do not fit in any one category. I change constantly and have fun with my clothes. These pics kind of look sporty while tomorrow may be diva followed by hippie chic lol. It is fun to experiment and I love getting inspiration from other bloggers more so than magazines, although there is a strange fascination/slight obsession I have with getting a new magazine and no one and I mean no one can crack it open and look before me. It is kind of a running joke around our house now! Enough with the ramblings... was walking around in beautiful weather at lunch and snapped some photos. Obvi the tshirt and sweater vest were the office attire and the cami only was lunch or happy hour ha ha.

Shoes: Target
Pants:  DKNY
Cami: Gifted
Tshirt: Kenneth Cole
Sweater: Old Navy
Bangle: Vintage from A Classy Flea, Marietta GA
Glasses: Target
Ring: Skinny Style


  1. love love loving this post - the colours are fab and the wedges are to die for xxxxxx

  2. hey sweet thing. i can't see the other comment you left in response to e-mailing me. and i also didn't realize that my e-mail is not up on my new site. so give me a shout out at tessastephensen@gmail.com


  3. oh and let me not forget... you look great! loving the colors, love the pants and the new target shoes are awesome!

  4. shit. and p.p.s i am so glad you accepted that award. thank you!

  5. You look so cool:)