This Old Dress?

I have always loved dresses.... easy one piece dressing! Some of my current faves..

In order from top:
French Connection
Meadham Kirchhoff (last 2 actually)

Images via: www.vogue.es



The pics are a little smaller this time.. not sure why - but you can always click on each picture for the full screen view :) Happy Friday!!!

Shirt: Pepe
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Wet Seal
Rings: F21, vintage



I am so going and sooooooooooo excited! Anyone in Atlanta?! Get your tickets here.


Stripes, and then some more stripes....

I got a litle carried away with the stripes! I actually really had fun wearing this outfit. I have a hard time letting go of the stripes-around-make-you-look-round theory, but does not seem to be so all of the time. Same with the mixing of colors and stripes - so what? Throw all the rules out the window! We should just try anything and then be pleasantly surprised when we like it! I seem to be buying a lot of striped items recently, or floral, or shoes, or jewels...

Top: Target
Skirt: ummmmm, old as dirt, seriously no idea. I bought it when I lived in England.
Shoes: Juicy Couture
Glasses: Target



Leaving for the weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mom's out there!!

Dress by DEX
Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
Glasses by Mossimo for Target


Madden, Girrrrl

My Madden Girl ruffled shoes could not go any better with my ruffled Target dress, even if I do say so myself! Yeah the belt has been called many things, but I call it cool.... it seems to make any ole outfit rock out just right. Only other thing worth wearing are my Versace shades.... (I'm clockin' ya - Versace shades watchin' ya - miss you big poppa) .... is it Friday, yet?


Revlon 185

My new fave color.. not so in-your-face as white polish. Makes every skin tone look beautiful. It is Revlon #185 a.k.a. Lilac pastelle. LOVES. OH! Shoes from where else - Target!



A grimy, rainy day in the A today. :( Oh well, perfect day for the 'library' - any kind. I just happen to be at work surrounded by beautiful colors, patterns and fabrics in our interior design library. I could live in here. Digging the socks right about the time it is humid as hell here - I could easily get into the ridiculous category by wearing my thigh highs but I will stick with the just slightly ridiculous.  

Wearing gifted t shirt, dress by Cynthia Steffe, glasses by Gucci, shoes by Aldo and socks from Target!

Have a great week... time to catch up on my fave blogs and email and facebook and ........ *sigh*