Leather Dress Alert

Kate, Carine and Rumi - we will all be vying for a black leather dress ...  and some colder weather

Kate and Carine pic from www.fabsugar.com
Rumi from www.fashiontoast.com



Quick post! I got my goodies in the mail from Apparellel - thank you Tessa! I love this feather earring (new staple for me!) that she MADE! You just have to check out her blog and shop - she is the queen of D.I.Y.  This kind of boring (but uber soft and comfy) vintage denim dress turns playful with my feather in my ear! This is not the end of my Apparellel goodies.... check back soon :)

Other items shown are an Andrew Marc purse and Target sandals...


London Calling

I had a blast at the London Calling Fashion Show tonight. The show was amaaaaazing!! I have been waiting on a boutique to open with fabulous British fashion in my home in the A. Let's face it - I have never been more daring nor more comfortable wearing gorgeous, edgy fashion then when I lived in England. This selection of styles for men and women is what the real fashion divas of Atlanta have been craving.... and did they show up! The crowd was as beautiful as the models.. well done Atlanta. Some of my favorite pieces were a strapless gray jumpsuit, a striped blue/white strapless dress with ruffle at waist and the beautiful pieces which seemed to have an undone, longer fishnet hem. For men, I was really digging the Union Jack sneaks (I think I will get my man a pair!) and the rolled fitted denim with doc martins! In other words, I will share the love: check them out here.

Side note: I had the pleasure of meeting Jinah at the show.. check her awesome blog here!


Images from Dekkori

So... I came across this site called Dekkori and at first glance was impressed with the idea of having many different styles of  "add ons" or "accessories" for shoes. In fact, the idea of taking my favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes I own and making them look like 2, 3 or even 12 different pairs of shoes sounded fantastic!!! How verseastyle would that be? I still like the idea. I still like the styles they have available. The one problem: PRICE. I just dont think I could bring myself to spend the same amount of money on an "add on" piece when I could realistically just buy a whole new pair of shoes. This, of course, only applies to those of you not ballin out of control.. but rather ballin on a budget.. ahem*** me included. Some of them are not too bad - under $100 and all, but still - what do you think? Would you buy?


Kate does no wrong

Seriously - who doesn't love her look and sense of style? The woman is amazing. She has mastered the art of careless sexiness.

First 4 images from www.eforu.com
Last image from www.topshop.com



One romper from Target = endless possibilities... let's play...

Started with just the romper - very low key and casual (not to mention comfortable). This look is perfect for running errands, lounging around the house, weekend wear.

Went for a romantic walk and simply added mocassins, Versace sunglasses and random bracelets. This could be pepped up just enough for a dinner or the pub, somewhere casual with freinds.

Now let's have some creative fun! Maybe add a belt and a touch of color....

Or funk it out with some tribal inspired makeup - I chose blue and a touch of gold... getting in the edgy/daring category here... but wait!

Play with new hair colors (yes I am blond now!) and new styles - even with the temporary color streaks that are out now, add a funky bag...
Lastly rock it out hard with JC shoes and you are ready for a club, fashion event or concert! Now go have fun and play with items in your wardrobe... you never know how many ways you can wear one item until you try!



Feeling a little bohemian today. Wore a Pepe denim shirt, vintage skirt, Target wedges and sunglasses and a d.i.y headband.


what CHOO doin'?

Gifted Jimmy Choo shoes from the lovely owners of ESSO - nuff said really! Thank you!!


Free People

Summer is here as far as I am concerned! Beautiful sunny weather and I suddenly have a free feeling spirit about myself. Looking forward to a non drama summer with carefree days and clothes to match. Started with this breezy Free People skirt. I feel kinda gypsy-ish in this outfit :) it's all good. Love the watercolors in the  skirt and a touch of sequins never hurt. Gifted tank years ago and still hanging in there. Brisk Blue nails by Sally Hansen will probably be the color de season (for me anyway unless I find a suitable aqua-ish teal - yes I made that up).