Images from Dekkori

So... I came across this site called Dekkori and at first glance was impressed with the idea of having many different styles of  "add ons" or "accessories" for shoes. In fact, the idea of taking my favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes I own and making them look like 2, 3 or even 12 different pairs of shoes sounded fantastic!!! How verseastyle would that be? I still like the idea. I still like the styles they have available. The one problem: PRICE. I just dont think I could bring myself to spend the same amount of money on an "add on" piece when I could realistically just buy a whole new pair of shoes. This, of course, only applies to those of you not ballin out of control.. but rather ballin on a budget.. ahem*** me included. Some of them are not too bad - under $100 and all, but still - what do you think? Would you buy?


  1. These are really cool!
    Cara from IFB

  2. oh wow!
    what a great way to mix up an old pair of heels, these are fantastic! thanks for sharing, keep up the good stuff, you have a great blog going here!

  3. Lady D, this is a wonderful way to make your shoes one of a kind so to speak but I totally agree with you. I could easily buy a brand new pair (or two) for the cost of an accessory. It is a genius concept though.