Free People

Summer is here as far as I am concerned! Beautiful sunny weather and I suddenly have a free feeling spirit about myself. Looking forward to a non drama summer with carefree days and clothes to match. Started with this breezy Free People skirt. I feel kinda gypsy-ish in this outfit :) it's all good. Love the watercolors in the  skirt and a touch of sequins never hurt. Gifted tank years ago and still hanging in there. Brisk Blue nails by Sally Hansen will probably be the color de season (for me anyway unless I find a suitable aqua-ish teal - yes I made that up).


  1. i am so loving blue nails... actually i like blue everything. love the flowy skirt on you and the laid back gypsy-ish (haha) feeling to these photos!


  2. love the nails and great skirt! I totally agree with you, sometimes you do just have to try things out to see! :)