One romper from Target = endless possibilities... let's play...

Started with just the romper - very low key and casual (not to mention comfortable). This look is perfect for running errands, lounging around the house, weekend wear.

Went for a romantic walk and simply added mocassins, Versace sunglasses and random bracelets. This could be pepped up just enough for a dinner or the pub, somewhere casual with freinds.

Now let's have some creative fun! Maybe add a belt and a touch of color....

Or funk it out with some tribal inspired makeup - I chose blue and a touch of gold... getting in the edgy/daring category here... but wait!

Play with new hair colors (yes I am blond now!) and new styles - even with the temporary color streaks that are out now, add a funky bag...
Lastly rock it out hard with JC shoes and you are ready for a club, fashion event or concert! Now go have fun and play with items in your wardrobe... you never know how many ways you can wear one item until you try!


  1. Wow brown to blonde! You're going to have so much fun...

  2. great bio in your profile...u seem like a really interesting profile...and i so agree about the opposites in what i wear, like baggy bottom little top, or short bottoms large top :)


  3. Love your outfit!! And thoes clogs don't look like clogs at all!

    XoXo Drakulya

  4. you crazy woman! i love your romper, yay target!