Soul Asylum

Black/white striped dress from I.N.C. (macys) and shoes are JC Mariel Fur. Rings = black/ vintage and white/ F21. Gifted silver/white hoops.

Photos by Sara F.


Standing on Neutral Ground

Black and white - I never get tired of this at all. I love neutral colors. Anything that I buy in a cheap store or line always (and I do mean always) looks better in black. Target pants and checkered top (let me just tell you I would buy these pants over and over), vest is vintage and the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Fur from Solestruck. This outfit is the one that I posted as the title picture for the Atlanta Magazine contest below. Get to voting! I would love to show off my new outfits with my gift card on Verseastyle and of course in Atlanta Magazine- hello!!! Ends in a couple of days :) I swear I have posted more in the last few days than in the entire month of July - what's up with that? Guess it has been too bloody hot on the brain.. we are at over 40 days of above 90 degree weather... which actually makes you feel like not dressing at ALL. I will spare you that type of post :)

Atlanta Magazine Contest!

Atlanta Magazine is hosting a contest called Head to Toe! Check it out and enter or vote for me! Mine is Eclectic and Sexy entered on 7.27.10. Who doesn't want a $250 gift card?! Good Luck everyone!!!


InStyle August 2010

About half way done with the August issue of InStyle and these are some of my fave looks... which just happen to be ads! The Armani ad is pure elegance in a black dress which I could easily re-create with a stand out layered black skirt, a wrap over black top and a black scarf.... think I will def. try and you can wear this outfit now and just add tights or o.t.k. socks in the fall with chunky ankle boots. Bottega is a simple black wool dress but the lines are delicious and sharp. Don't forget the killer wedge ankle boots. Lust. Chanel always kills it and this ad is no exception. Love the American Indian inspiration of this dress. I am currently scouring vintage shops for a vintage American Indian suede dress complete with beads and all. I also asked my sister for her Abominable Snowman boots... yes I hated them when they came out how many years ago? She snagged a pair at Walmart a few seasons back and have not seen them there since (she can find a deal anywhere never to be seen again!). SOOOOO Em how about sending them my way and I can cut them down to ankle size and shave off half of the hairy look lol?!?! Stay tuned on that one.... Lastly, Gap has mimicked the Miu Miu print and you can have some cute jeans with the swallow motif for a decent price. I am so still going to try the tip I saw on BleachBlack a while ago... got my 90's boots ready! But can I master the Sharpie - hmmmmmm



First I have been a busy bee this last couple weeks and apologize for not posting enough! New pics to come very soon :) On to the biznizzz at hand... fashion, of course. These are some of my lustworthy items right now.

The first photo is from Fashion Gone Rogue, the new pants for Fall. How comfy and cool do these look - always a winning combo. I also like the monotone look - nothing new there, but I do like the warmer neutral color as opposed to the barely nude that was out last season - with my paleness I look nekkid! Scouring now for some that are not super pricey or will do my own from some sweats or something - it will get figured out - that I do know!

Second pic from The Sartorialist - her hair is amazing. What style. She looks like a beautiful, carefree Parisian lady - although I admittedly do not remember where he took this photo.

Third pic - Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Fur - from Solestruck. The best Dolce & Gabbana knocks I have seen yet. Gorge.

Fourth pic - A. Wang open toe animal prints wedges. LOVE. More than one print? Check. Fur like? Check. Only thing better would be a wedge continued throughout to the toe a la the JC Mariel above!

Lastly -  pic from What is Reality Anyway?  Krystal Simpson designed this fabu bag for Coach. I am in love. Actually anything fringey, vintagey, seventies is right down my alley - of course updated a little in my own crazy way.


Double D

Deon and Deanna - I have known Deon for years and years and we always have a blast!! We were simply meeting to have dinner and ended up with these fun pics! How does his pics look better with his phone than some of mine with an actual camera?!?! Anyway - le fashion c'est random LBD, gold square ring gifted from LuShae, F21 ring and vintage black ring.


LuShae Jewelry

Sarah at LuShae Jewelry was kind enough to gift this beautiful matte gold squares ring. I love it! I have been wearing it since it arrived in the cute black/white box you see pictured above.  I find it modern in design with varying sizes of squares which are open to see the finger. It is very well made from 14k gold. I am a rough person on most anything and my constant wearing has not produced one scratch or dent at all. The matte gold is stunning on and would look great on any skin tone. I plan on wearing with the Monaco bracelet (pictured below) which is also from LuShae (and which I will be purchasing very soon!).


Unique Beauties

Today's beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. I love unique looks, exotic looks and women who embrace their differences. Bambi is a relatively new model blazing the runways with her ice blue eyes and thick, dark eyebrows. She is purported to be the new Kate Moss - different look, but laid back and not very tall for a model, she has snagged ManiaMania's lookbook and a Stella McCartney campaign to name a couple. Next, the celebuspawn of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger is being booked left and right from Chanel to Versace and Hudson Jeans and why not? She is being compared to the iconic Brigitte Bardot (click the last photo for a close up comparison). Again a beauty with a difference - keep the gap tooth! Who are some of your favorite eclectic beauties?

Bambi photos from www.missatlaplaya.blogspot.com
Georgia May (1) from www.iamchic.fooyah.com
Georgia May/Brigitte Bardot(2) from www.refinery29.com