First I have been a busy bee this last couple weeks and apologize for not posting enough! New pics to come very soon :) On to the biznizzz at hand... fashion, of course. These are some of my lustworthy items right now.

The first photo is from Fashion Gone Rogue, the new pants for Fall. How comfy and cool do these look - always a winning combo. I also like the monotone look - nothing new there, but I do like the warmer neutral color as opposed to the barely nude that was out last season - with my paleness I look nekkid! Scouring now for some that are not super pricey or will do my own from some sweats or something - it will get figured out - that I do know!

Second pic from The Sartorialist - her hair is amazing. What style. She looks like a beautiful, carefree Parisian lady - although I admittedly do not remember where he took this photo.

Third pic - Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Fur - from Solestruck. The best Dolce & Gabbana knocks I have seen yet. Gorge.

Fourth pic - A. Wang open toe animal prints wedges. LOVE. More than one print? Check. Fur like? Check. Only thing better would be a wedge continued throughout to the toe a la the JC Mariel above!

Lastly -  pic from What is Reality Anyway?  Krystal Simpson designed this fabu bag for Coach. I am in love. Actually anything fringey, vintagey, seventies is right down my alley - of course updated a little in my own crazy way.


  1. I really like those Jeffrey Campbell wedges!

  2. i love anything fringy too! hope you are doing well!


  3. Love the shoes, really great great great!!


  4. I love JC shoes who does'nt want all of them xoxo