Even Better Than Going Out...

..sometimes is just being at home, drinking coffee/tea, watching movies, looking at old magazines or books, moving furniture around, cooking, thrifting, calling old friends/family, talking to my husband and with all that saved $..... shop online: What I just bought: (let's please hope it all fits!) First two pants are from ASOS - thank you for now being stateside! Charlotte Russe white lace dress on sale for $25. Jeffrey Cambell Boots. I can not WAIT to dig in....see you on the other side of internet shopping!


Charlize Theron x Elle Russia

Beautiful spread in Elle Russia featuring Charlize Theron. She is just a gorgeous woman. These shots are making me want to a) run out and cut my hair and go blonder - oh did you see Nicole Ritchie is back short and blond?!?!?! (so cute!) b) by some brogues (although this style was not me the first time round and did not think it would be again now... but they do have some new wild styles out - what can I say? I think I was born wearing stilettos) and c) keep practicing my eyeliner. I have never been that great at makeup and certainly don't like to feel smothered in it. In fact, getting foundation on me is like trying to get a 2 year old to sit still through a 3 hour movie. Good Luck! ha ha Click on each pic for a close up.. you know you want to :)

Source: photos from www.cocoperez.com


The Long and Short of It....

These pics were taken before I headed out to the Mae Couture event below. Sometimes I get too caught up at the actual events taking pics of everything lovely that I forget to snap what I have on! I wore a vintage Jones of NY silk crop top with a gifted black skirt. I love playing with silhouettes lately... this one being a complete contrast to what most people are doing now, which is the short dress/shorts/skirt etc. with a super long top/tank/sweater. I love that look too, but hey, I am only 5'5" so the longer and taller I can make myself look - the better. In comes the long skirt- nothing new - as I always say. I think perhaps fashion has always been ahead of the time in more ways than one. We are constantly recycling trends. I mean this year alone we are going with the seventies, a little sixties thrown in there and a lot of the nineties. Only makes sense considering we just 'played' with revamping the eighties. Somehow though, fashion always makes it fresh again. So pairing a short crop top with a fairly high waisted long skirt can make even the shortest shorties feel tall - paired with 5" wedges and I just may think I am Gisele. No - let's not go overboard.... however, I do think we should all play with different silhouettes - I was very surprised to see crop tops (with no skin showing) look so classy. In fact, one of my favoritist Atlanta bloggers showed a crop top with a work skirt and it looked fabulous. Check out Asian Cajuns inspiring post here and here!

Other than that... notice the new header/ banner - so I'm fancy huh!!??!!! Mad skillz courtesy of Sara F. - yes she took the photos too - thanks Sara!


introducing... MAE COUTURE

Sustainable fashion design at its best: introducing MAE COUTURE:

(pic above from Mae's website. Link below)

First up - Army green - yes of course the pun was intended.. May likes to make beautiful gowns out of vintage PARACHUTES from around the world.. yes you read that right.. indulge my "green" freinds...

 and yellow..... So pretty

but my fave was the blue - maybe because it was outside, maybe because of the hood or color or maybe because of the "fanny" pack lol - whatever... love it and wait until you look at her website.. these photos do nothing compared to the actual items on a beautiful model. Check Caroline MAE Heidenreich here.
And finally see how gorgeous the designer herself is?? (left is designer, myself in middle - where else? and the uber stylish stylist Zachary Taylor on right.) Hit me up if you would like to contact either the designer or stylist and I will make sure they hear from you! Enjoy :)


Sustainable Fashion Design - the party!

I was invited out to an event last week that was so interesting. I won't give all the goodies on this event just yet! These are some of the details of fashionable people who attended: bright yellow satin pumps with an architechtural heel (pic1), neutrals for all (pic2), gold zipper down the back of a LBD (pic3), buttoned up with a twist for men (pic4) and lastly a little hint for the next post which will include the beautiful sustainable fashion designs themselves.... the MAE bag (pic5). Stay tuned!




I love this skirt I picked up at F21. It is hard to see in these photos, but it is grey with a black criss cross pattern. For now, I paired with a basic black t and Via Spiga black loafers (with a heel!) completed with white contrast stitching. I love that the shoes and the skirt parallel the contrast lines so well. I added socks for two reasons: one, I can't wait to do some of the cozy fall fashions and this is one I can slide in easily now since two, the office is subzero temps. Seriously who else wears sweaters inside in August in GA when outside it is over 90? By winter, we will be wearing shorts inside I am sure, but then again, by that time I will want to try SS 11 lovelies :)

Photos by Sara F.



How F'ING hot is she??? Like leopard or not... whatevs people she is GORGEOUS.

Source: www.fashiongonerogue.com



Vintage Christian Lacroix tortoiseshell glasses. LOVE. One of the cut up t's I talked about in the post below and the trusty denim diy shorts none of us can live without this summer. Minnetonka moccasins - time for a new pair! Yes, I always looks like this when I am cruising in a deserted tractor thingy.

Photos by Erik H.


Cold Shoulder

I am really wanting to cut every top I own to make it fall off the shoulder ever so carelessly. This is about as comfy as it gets. I have taken some scissors to a cpl tshirts recently which I am sure will be photo'd soon since I wear them everyday as soon as I get home or go anywhere other than work. This lightweight sweater is from F21 and has an asymetrical hem which you can not see that well here, I might stretch the bottom until the elastic breaks so it won't hug my hips like it looks here. I have had these Guess jeans forever and a day which is almost apparent in the knees. Why do I hate shopping for pants so much? The JC wedges don't leave my feet very often these days and yes they are comfy :) Almost weekend! Have a good one!!

Photos by: Sara F.