Charlize Theron x Elle Russia

Beautiful spread in Elle Russia featuring Charlize Theron. She is just a gorgeous woman. These shots are making me want to a) run out and cut my hair and go blonder - oh did you see Nicole Ritchie is back short and blond?!?!?! (so cute!) b) by some brogues (although this style was not me the first time round and did not think it would be again now... but they do have some new wild styles out - what can I say? I think I was born wearing stilettos) and c) keep practicing my eyeliner. I have never been that great at makeup and certainly don't like to feel smothered in it. In fact, getting foundation on me is like trying to get a 2 year old to sit still through a 3 hour movie. Good Luck! ha ha Click on each pic for a close up.. you know you want to :)

Source: photos from www.cocoperez.com


  1. your post is always interesting...she is incredible...great editorial
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  2. She's gorgeous, I love the one where she's posing with the mirror.

  3. wow - she's gorgeous and this is a very interesting editorial.

    (i didn't know nicole was short & blonde! that's how i like her best!)

  4. The last picture is great!


  5. Charlize Theron is a very beautiful! i love these pictures