Cold Shoulder

I am really wanting to cut every top I own to make it fall off the shoulder ever so carelessly. This is about as comfy as it gets. I have taken some scissors to a cpl tshirts recently which I am sure will be photo'd soon since I wear them everyday as soon as I get home or go anywhere other than work. This lightweight sweater is from F21 and has an asymetrical hem which you can not see that well here, I might stretch the bottom until the elastic breaks so it won't hug my hips like it looks here. I have had these Guess jeans forever and a day which is almost apparent in the knees. Why do I hate shopping for pants so much? The JC wedges don't leave my feet very often these days and yes they are comfy :) Almost weekend! Have a good one!!

Photos by: Sara F.

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  1. great look :) this shoes.... awesome!
    have a nice week!
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/