introducing... MAE COUTURE

Sustainable fashion design at its best: introducing MAE COUTURE:

(pic above from Mae's website. Link below)

First up - Army green - yes of course the pun was intended.. May likes to make beautiful gowns out of vintage PARACHUTES from around the world.. yes you read that right.. indulge my "green" freinds...

 and yellow..... So pretty

but my fave was the blue - maybe because it was outside, maybe because of the hood or color or maybe because of the "fanny" pack lol - whatever... love it and wait until you look at her website.. these photos do nothing compared to the actual items on a beautiful model. Check Caroline MAE Heidenreich here.
And finally see how gorgeous the designer herself is?? (left is designer, myself in middle - where else? and the uber stylish stylist Zachary Taylor on right.) Hit me up if you would like to contact either the designer or stylist and I will make sure they hear from you! Enjoy :)


  1. How cool! I love that blue dress - it's so well done!

  2. ♥cute blog ♥