The Long and Short of It....

These pics were taken before I headed out to the Mae Couture event below. Sometimes I get too caught up at the actual events taking pics of everything lovely that I forget to snap what I have on! I wore a vintage Jones of NY silk crop top with a gifted black skirt. I love playing with silhouettes lately... this one being a complete contrast to what most people are doing now, which is the short dress/shorts/skirt etc. with a super long top/tank/sweater. I love that look too, but hey, I am only 5'5" so the longer and taller I can make myself look - the better. In comes the long skirt- nothing new - as I always say. I think perhaps fashion has always been ahead of the time in more ways than one. We are constantly recycling trends. I mean this year alone we are going with the seventies, a little sixties thrown in there and a lot of the nineties. Only makes sense considering we just 'played' with revamping the eighties. Somehow though, fashion always makes it fresh again. So pairing a short crop top with a fairly high waisted long skirt can make even the shortest shorties feel tall - paired with 5" wedges and I just may think I am Gisele. No - let's not go overboard.... however, I do think we should all play with different silhouettes - I was very surprised to see crop tops (with no skin showing) look so classy. In fact, one of my favoritist Atlanta bloggers showed a crop top with a work skirt and it looked fabulous. Check out Asian Cajuns inspiring post here and here!

Other than that... notice the new header/ banner - so I'm fancy huh!!??!!! Mad skillz courtesy of Sara F. - yes she took the photos too - thanks Sara!


  1. love the shirt! :D

    Jennifer & Sherry

  2. the second photo is wonderful with the light coming through! amazing.

  3. wow! Love the proportions of the outfit and that's a perfect maxi skirt!

  4. Awesome outfit and I love your new header xoxo

  5. I have those wedges and love them too! I love your skirt/stripes combo.