I'm Going In...

Admittedly, I was a little excited to wear my thrifted tweed skirt with leather trim, so much so that a little trip to the alterations was put off ... and it shows. Ugh! ha ha. The skirt is a little big and I thought that by shoving a t-shirt and sweater in it, that it might not show as bad. Well the good news is that my skirt did not fall down all day but the bad news is I look "wider than all outside" in the middle. Bad Deanna. I know. Next time alterations first! I will have to post this skirt again once it is 'fixed' and show you all the difference :) Wore with a Kenneth Cole T, vintage sweater, Calvin Klein shoes and Target socks.
For those of you who have asked - YES I cut my hair and keep getting blonder. Thank you Aura for always getting my different thoughts OUT of my head and ON to my head! lol
Cut: The Lob (industry speak for a long, overgrown bob)
Color: Blond Icing (love that name!)

Enjoy your week... xoxoxoxo


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, Deanna! Oh and I think that skirt looks kind of awesome paper-baggy! Love the grays- perfect for a rainy day like today.

  2. awesome pictures, you look great

    -He approves