Old is new again..

yep that's right - I can not tell you one friggin thing I am wearing.. well one - Tommy Hilfiger gifted shoes and that is only because they were given to me last year. (thanks Em!) They are bomb ~ as in comfy and cute as hell! Seriously, I think the vest and shirt might be from when I was 16 - still love the striped denim vest and the shirt has fishnet at the top seperating the normal cotton from it with a zipper - an all time fave. Proving you can keep recycling clothing if you can just take the time to re-imagine it. Mix and match - invite a friend over to see something new and different within your closet, have a swap party and just keep trying to make it fresh. There is not one right answer when it comes to fashion - hell I flubbed the other day... but you won't see it here and no one will be any the wiser hee hee hee hee hee :) Although at the time I have to admit I felt like a Free People model :) Can't wait for tomoz!

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