Sartorialist Exhibit

I was so excited to hear about this event. I ‘talked’ to some other local bloggers about going / meeting up… and off we went…. with about oh maybe 300 other fans, artists, etc. While I did not meet Scott Schuman himself, (can you say back room swarmed with eager autograph seekers!?) the night was still a success (read: so much fun)! What I did get to do was talk to, observe and mingle with an Atlanta crowd that I have been searching myself to find. These are the laid back/calm/beautiful/creative/culturally explosive/ intelligent ones that make for such an interesting conversation and evening. The exhibit itself was of course breathtaking, to see the photos up close and personal. The best was ‘stalking’ Garance Dore. Well not stalk, but went to the 2nd floor of the Hagedorn Gallery to stare inconspicuously at her from the corner of my eye, taking in the fabulous shoes and skirt she was wearing. She is beautiful, gracious, elegant and even more importantly when you read her blog, she feels like a friend you have known for ages. I get tongue-tied and impatient (and I think the inside of the Gallery possibly surpassed 100 degrees) so with all the people hanging around waiting to meet her, I took 3 snaps and was out. Outside was gorgeous with all of the different styles of the guests and other local art galleries winding thru an alley way of walkways and greenery. I hope they enjoyed their time in our city and of course we welcome them back with open arms anytime. In the meantime – why don’t all of us local bloggers get our own event organized – who’s in?!

Wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, ASOS pants, Target top, Andrew Marc bag.


  1. Ah, it looks so amazing.. I wish I could go, xx