My throwback to the 80's... blue faux suede coat dress- in luuuuuurve! I was in love as soon as I saw this at a thrift store on Mableton Pkwy. I bought a bunch of stuff this summer that I knew damn well I could not even contemplate wearing in the south until now, but well worth the wait. Deciding whether to alter or not. I am kind of thinking that the boxy shape would look even more boxy if I shorten it and would not look half as cool if I take the shoulder pads out, so for now... I am touching nothing. I like adding the leather belt that I can tie as it tends to "un-box' the dress a little and give some feminine draping. High heels are a MUST. Yes I know the belt is dark brown and the shoes are black.. cut me some slack - what's a girl to do when the belt is so dark brown that all of your brown shoes are lighter than the belt and the black shoes are slightly darker? I went for the black as usual ha ha ha .
2 months later and (after thrifting mine) this beauty below was in the J Crew catalog... course my find was all of $4 - can't beat that!
Almost weekend.. almost October - my favorite month! xoxo (varying photo sizes.... click each one for a close up!)

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