Yes I said it. So apparently neither company can actually be the responsible host we pay for. I chose to make my domain private in the begining and purchased http://www.verseastyle.com/ from Go Daddy. September was the first year anniversary of my blog. I checked continously to see if I needed to do anything. They assured me I did not expire until 2011. Maybe I purchased 2 years I thought. After all, who can remember what they did last week never mind yesterday. Well well well as we all know my blog was down yesterday. I called and they said call back today and again you don't expire until 2011. I had not received any notifications about my domain and my email was still the same so I assumed all was good. WRONG. Today I speak to some really bitchy customer service rep and she says someone else purchased my domain. GREAT. Then proceeds to tell me that GOOGLE is to blame and not them. I don't agree. No one contacted me, I contacted you to be told all was fine on the expiration end, must be something else. Yeah something else is someone else buying my site that I have worked hard on for over a year. Sad thing is none of my readers may even see this since they will be looking for my regular site and not the free Blogger one. So today is grand as you can tell. There is nothing I can do about it since the person(s) who purchased my site are private. I will just have to think about my next step in life. Unless some  miracle happens and Google or Go Daddy decide they were wrong (yeah right) or more likely the person that bought my domain gives it back. Highly doubt either since they bought the site with a mind to mark it up a lot and sell it back to me. WOW. Any suggestions or thoughts? Not the end of the world but upsetting nonetheless. Stay tuned and for now visit me at http://www.verseastyle.blogspot.com/    xoxoxox   Deanna


Solid Gold

 LOVE LOVE Debbie Harry and Blondie! She was IT in the late 70's  - early 80's and still would look rocking walking down the street like this today. Pure rock and roll glamtastic. Check out those gold leggings! Stunning. image from Google Images page
 Anyone remember Solid Gold or even Solid Gold reruns? This musical countdown show in the 80's had the hottest dancers around at the time. I just KNEW I was going to be one while I danced around the house in my solid gold underroos! Surprised? I think not. image from Google Images page
 Alexandria Ambrosio in Vogue Nippon editorial from Dec. 2010 via Fashion Gone Rogue  - big curly hair, blue eyeshadow and gold lame? Not much has changed - you still need the confidence to carry this look off too!
So if your game - here is an outfit for sale on etsy that I fell in love with. 80's gold lame harem prom dress? Sign me up. The price is a little over the top me thinks ($95.00) which is why I am still contemplating myself. I will probably wait until it is already sold to make up my mind. I think it may be one of those things that of course I love now... but will end up in the back of my closet. I can just see it with some killer black ankle wedge boots! If someone buys it - send me a pic and I will post it on my blog! Happy hump day - The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump! (get me out of 80's mode pleaaaaaaaase!)


What a Teese!

Dita Von Teese in the Sepetember issue of Grazia Italy! She is such a beauty! She portrays old Hollywood pinup glamour, but still manages to make it hers and own it. Although I tend to lean towards easy and carefree looks, this is how I would love to dress etc. every once in a while. I am really a lazy person when it comes to taking time to dress and do makeup. I love it all, but I just don't have the patience to blow out my hair, do rollers and a full face everyday. Some days I don't even wear a drop of makeup. I know, I know. What is this you ask? Well, I tend to savour time and won't spend any more than 30 minutes getting "ready" unless it is a special event. Then again, Dita probably has someone do this for her every morning :) Enjoy!

Images from www.fashiongonerogue.com

Click on each for a close up!



My new shiiiiiz.... Guess Boots, Lancome Photogenic Lumessence and Tarte Lip Stain in Lucky!

All images from sites linked

Space Age Pimpin



I adore the color of this dress. Since it was given to me, I don't have a clue where it was purchased. The boots are F21 via Apparallel. This blue and silver color combo feels very futuristic. The boots are beyond comfy. Sunny pics by Sara F. for this rainy Monday!


First day of the rest of my life

Wearing denim jacket I picked up at TJ Maxx, zippered leggings from Target, velvet tunic thrifted and my same leopard boots that I thought I would be wearing all winter but spilled gas on them - ugh. So ~ smell like gas or look for new pair? Unless anyone knows how to get that smell out of faux pony hair. Maybe I should google it! Andrew Marc bag and Michael Kors sunnies.



 Had to show one shoe... and that I am taller than the tree
 Perfect U back! Scar is Skin Cancer Treatment.. get detected early my young beauties!
Wanted to show this is 2 pieces. Not a jumpsuit! 
 I don't really have pockets... but I do have an expandable waist lol

LOVE this outfit. I am wearing ASOS black harem pants and a U BACK Old Navy top in black. I also pulled out my OLD (not yet vintage lol) 9 West pumps. Michael Kors sunnies that everyone can own from TJ Maxx for $19.99! This looks and feels like a jumpsuit. Just better :) Tuesday schmoozeday... are we lovers on Twitter yet:? Code name: Verseastyle- YES I just joined (no not really.. I joined/ subsided/ got an iphone/ joined again) and who CARES... ? Follow me if you already know how.... heeee heeee heeee


Go with the flow...

of life...

of love...
 of the clothing...
 of the day....

I have been more than happy since I have learned that to 'go with the flow' does not mean to stand by and do nothing, but rather appreciate the little beauties of life that happen to just pop up! Watch for the little things in life this week... they are there! Meanwhile, flowy, silk vintage top thrifted in the GA mountains, diy cut off shorts, old (and I do mean old) Enzo boots, Target thigh highs and THAT purse AGAIN (so what - get used to it!). 


Hoof It

Long live McQueen! The first 2 pairs of shoes at the top were from the late, great Alexander McQueen (R.I.P). He introduced us to this hoof like shoe  in late 2009 for the SS10 collection. Soon after, Christian Siriano designed the next set of shoes (4 total) shown here for Payless this year. They sold out quickly and bloggers were scrambling to find a pair online - me to no avail. This design was a little less hoof like, and more claw like which seems more wearable  - and a very reasonable price. AND NOW I find the last little beaut from Iris Van Herpen - perfection - but of course they are... they are completely out of my budget rolling in at a little over $1200.00 if I remember right. Perfection has a price - I guess :) I will continue my quest for a little hoof for a little loot.


Lady Like

As close to a 'lady' as I can get with a flowy brown/ white dress and floppy denim hat with suede fringe.... and you see I had to throw some leopard platform faux pony hair boots (mouthful huh?) in there for a little edge. The dress was gifted from Amanda (Banana Republic I think), the hat was bought on bluefly.com a few (ahem) years ago in my J-LO phase (was also purchased with a denim jumpsuit with chains - yeah I did that) and the boots were picked up in TJ Maxx for $20 the other week, they are Dollhouse. I will be wearing them A LOT :) Is it Friday yet?!?!?!

Click on each pic for a close up!


Sneaky Peeky

Some sneaky shots of some "new" items I have picked up lately: some full shots to come soon, but just had to share with my lovely Heathettes! lol (just made that up Ms. Dore)
Ok, so some silver boots from Apparellel - love you Tessa!
Gifted dress from the lovely Amanda!
ok so admittedly I feel like Judy Jetson! lol
New thrifted purse from my sister in NC: LOVES
New purse and new thigh highs wha wha wha what?
These are a few of my favorite things:
Full pics to come soon - hope you are having a lovely, stylish week!


Social Experiment

First up: Lunch at Social: Lamb Sammie and Salad.... oh yeah baby!

Next up: the BEAUTIES of MIA: From Architecture to Skin! I love me some MIAMI
 Moccasins boots and a dress: CHECK me in!
 Nothing "cooler" than blue and white combo:
 Seriously - can she be any hotter??!
 Super lovin the Mediterranean vibe ALWAYS
 Ok so her bod is HOT. So is the cut off shorts and cut out top!
Neon pink + black = SUPER F'ING HAWT IN MY BOOK