Had to show one shoe... and that I am taller than the tree
 Perfect U back! Scar is Skin Cancer Treatment.. get detected early my young beauties!
Wanted to show this is 2 pieces. Not a jumpsuit! 
 I don't really have pockets... but I do have an expandable waist lol

LOVE this outfit. I am wearing ASOS black harem pants and a U BACK Old Navy top in black. I also pulled out my OLD (not yet vintage lol) 9 West pumps. Michael Kors sunnies that everyone can own from TJ Maxx for $19.99! This looks and feels like a jumpsuit. Just better :) Tuesday schmoozeday... are we lovers on Twitter yet:? Code name: Verseastyle- YES I just joined (no not really.. I joined/ subsided/ got an iphone/ joined again) and who CARES... ? Follow me if you already know how.... heeee heeee heeee


  1. i woulda thought it was a onepiece...love the harem pants--comfort AND style!

    thanks for the comment :-)

  2. wow sweety your blog is so nice <3 i love it. i follow youuu now <3 mybe you follow me back mhm? big kisses, ayse