Go with the flow...

of life...

of love...
 of the clothing...
 of the day....

I have been more than happy since I have learned that to 'go with the flow' does not mean to stand by and do nothing, but rather appreciate the little beauties of life that happen to just pop up! Watch for the little things in life this week... they are there! Meanwhile, flowy, silk vintage top thrifted in the GA mountains, diy cut off shorts, old (and I do mean old) Enzo boots, Target thigh highs and THAT purse AGAIN (so what - get used to it!). 


  1. PERFECT shirt... these are my staples for autumn winter.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend.

  2. thanks for commenting my blog!
    i get my pictures big by uploading them om flickr, and pasting them in as a html :)

  3. Thanks Amanda! OMG you would think I could have figured that out oops. Then again, I just joined Twitter - follow me?!?!