Yes I said it. So apparently neither company can actually be the responsible host we pay for. I chose to make my domain private in the begining and purchased http://www.verseastyle.com/ from Go Daddy. September was the first year anniversary of my blog. I checked continously to see if I needed to do anything. They assured me I did not expire until 2011. Maybe I purchased 2 years I thought. After all, who can remember what they did last week never mind yesterday. Well well well as we all know my blog was down yesterday. I called and they said call back today and again you don't expire until 2011. I had not received any notifications about my domain and my email was still the same so I assumed all was good. WRONG. Today I speak to some really bitchy customer service rep and she says someone else purchased my domain. GREAT. Then proceeds to tell me that GOOGLE is to blame and not them. I don't agree. No one contacted me, I contacted you to be told all was fine on the expiration end, must be something else. Yeah something else is someone else buying my site that I have worked hard on for over a year. Sad thing is none of my readers may even see this since they will be looking for my regular site and not the free Blogger one. So today is grand as you can tell. There is nothing I can do about it since the person(s) who purchased my site are private. I will just have to think about my next step in life. Unless some  miracle happens and Google or Go Daddy decide they were wrong (yeah right) or more likely the person that bought my domain gives it back. Highly doubt either since they bought the site with a mind to mark it up a lot and sell it back to me. WOW. Any suggestions or thoughts? Not the end of the world but upsetting nonetheless. Stay tuned and for now visit me at http://www.verseastyle.blogspot.com/    xoxoxox   Deanna

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