Hoof It

Long live McQueen! The first 2 pairs of shoes at the top were from the late, great Alexander McQueen (R.I.P). He introduced us to this hoof like shoe  in late 2009 for the SS10 collection. Soon after, Christian Siriano designed the next set of shoes (4 total) shown here for Payless this year. They sold out quickly and bloggers were scrambling to find a pair online - me to no avail. This design was a little less hoof like, and more claw like which seems more wearable  - and a very reasonable price. AND NOW I find the last little beaut from Iris Van Herpen - perfection - but of course they are... they are completely out of my budget rolling in at a little over $1200.00 if I remember right. Perfection has a price - I guess :) I will continue my quest for a little hoof for a little loot.


  1. OMG I love the shoes! I want the blue pair. Cool blog you have here. Come and visit mine when you have time.


  2. I love Iris van Herpen, her show at Amsterdam Fashion Week this year was absolutely amazing! I love her, and she's absolutely great. These shoes are amazing, so proud of my fellow dutchie!


  3. Whoo ces chaussures sont incroyables! ♥

  4. I would love a little hoof of my own too! that last one is AMAZE!!