Loving anything leopard lately. Total for both items $23.49! The skirt I thrifted at a new random joint we found en route to get mexican food for $3.49 - prompting the hubby to think I already knew it was there and did this on purpose - I did not! But what a sweet treat before dinner! (How is it possible to shop when intending to go out to eat? Stick with me and I will show you how to shop in any situation! lol) Not only that, but found a military style black blazer that fit perfect too for $5 - will show that soon I am sure. The boots are from TJ Maxx (by Dollhouse) and were on sale for $20.Velvet is all the rage now too and this velvet top was found in the back of my closet... where it has been sitting for at least 10 years rotating in and out of my 'grab and go' section.


  1. i love leopard prints :)


  2. Love it so much.... Animalier is gorgeous.

  3. I never thought about leopard on leopard before- but you make it look awesome! And I'm sooo impressed at your thrifting. Where do you thrift around town?

  4. That is a very nice outfit. I also love the photos below. Thanks for sharing and visit me too, soon.


  5. The skirt is gorgeous, the length wow!

    Puck // oneofpoints.blogspot.com

  6. Love your shoes :)

    KIsses from France.Olivia & Mariam