Lace Dress

I bought this off white lace dress quite a while ago from Charlotte Russe for about $15.00. I don't know why I sometimes wear a new item right away/ for a week straight and sometimes (as in this case) - I don't wear my new item for a while! Who knows!? Anyway, I have reached for this dress a few times and thought it looked too dressy. Of course I have seen other bloggers with leather/ lace and denim/lace combos, but I was holding out for my look to come to me. With the holidays coming up, I will be glad to wear this with black or red heels and go all glam, but for everyday - and not trying to look like a runaway bride either - it was proving difficult to wear without covering most of it up with a big coat or sweater! In comes Tommy Hilfiger comfy wedge boots with shearling liner and noname purse to kind of match (noname is not the designer but rather a purse from a thrift store with no tag inside!), and my freind/ photographer Deon's hat! I love how easy going I felt after these simple little accessory additions. So what are some other ways we could wear a lace dress? and how cool is the purple striped fence?!

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