Little Red Riding (in the) Hood

I just love this cape coat I borrowed from my Mom's closet. We used to call her Little Red Riding Hood whenever she wore it over the years and now it is my turn! I like that it looks and feels like a cape but has actual sleeves. The inside is black and red checked which is a cute little surprise when you whirl and turn - you know just an average day at the bus stop :) Loads of people have asked Mom where she bought this coat and she has had it since the eighties so who knows? Probably somewhere in Europe :) Also an old (not quite as old as the cape.. well maybe) black body con dress... seriously no idea where it is from but it keeps on truckin'. Shoes are, of course, Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge in pony hair- where did I shop for shoes before he came along? .... and check out all the mad graffiti!


  1. love the bag as well, and i'm about 99% sure that i'm gonna treat myself with it..
    the shoes i was crazy about aren't actually the proper litas, but about the litas - you know, i don't really care about other people having or buying the same stuff as i do, and where i am from, i'm sure i will see only few people wearing them if anybody at all (:
    problem is, i'm 5'9 so not too sure if i wouldn't be towering over everybody when i would wear the litas.. haha difficultiiiies.
    thanks for stopping by,


  2. i love those wedges.. someones that rumi neely has right? i always luft after them when she wears them too.x

  3. Great Vintage! Wedges are so cute.

    Thanks for visiting my blog xoxo


  4. Great cape! I've been wanting to make a red, hooded cape for a while now (I just need some more free time). Thanks for the motivation xxx


  5. Thank you for your comment! I definitely agree with everithing you said!! this red coat is very beautiful! It gaves a bit of color to those winter outfits! I really like it!
    kisses dear!


  6. Mademoiselle Isabel - you know what? You may be right about that - why should I care if everyone has them if I like them too right? And around here... everyone likes things but don't have the cohonas to wear what they like lol

    Allanah - Rumi has the real deal in the shoes - hers are D&G I beleive and mine are Jeffrey Campbell-- but hell of a good knock - right?! haha

    Fashiondevotion - I want to see the cape you make!!!