Sweet November

I was in Macy's the other day about to check out with my new jeggings and saw this beauty hanging all by her lonesome - well beside a sweatshirt top that was killer with long leather patches (might have to go back and get that!). In pops the last image in my head of the Alexander Wang cut out dress with leather accents (the sweatshirt actually looked really like the Wang dress above in color and detail more so than the dress I bought) - so I had to get this pretty decent knock. I forget who made it - will update the blog later - but it is as comfy as it looks. The added pockets and deduction of the cut outs makes it all the more wearable as well. I will definately be wearing this a lot... this time was paired with my Guess boots and a wooden bracelet from an arts fair in Charlotte.
The post title is a nod to one of my all time fave movies - Sweet November. If you have not seen it - you should - and alone or with the girls. Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves give a stellar performance and you will cry your eyes out or your heart is made of stone! Sadness of the story aside, really big reminder of why life is worth living the way you want to live it.

last image via www.netaporter.com


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