NYE in Atlanta..

Five Amazing Dresses Made of Food - Lemondrop.com, $95
Christian Louboutin Relika Platform shoe, 525 GBP
Alexander McQueen - 253118J33RG Knuckle Duster (Tortoise Shell) - Bags..., $2,149

NOW THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR TOMORROW!!! Wow. Check the dress for under $100 and an amazing story about the dress being made from FOOD here. So Lady Ga Ga-ish. OH yeah so if I get hungry while I am out I can just munch? Hmmmm. We are supposed to be getting a little warmer so I think a trench would be perfect. I kind of want to browse some thrift stores and find one and diy the studs on. Lots of work? Yes. Lots of money? No! How killer is it that the inside of the sole of the CL's kind of matches the dress color? Details, details. Also if you get a little drunk (ahem) you may not figure out how to open your clutch but you could either a) knock the crap out of someone or b) at least you won't lose your purse this year.... I think...


Sequins At Work

This week in between Christmas and NYE is so weird to me. Some people at work, but it is very casual and laid back. Almost everyone wears jeans everyday and no one works a full day... if they are even here. Sounds good to me, but is making me very lazy in getting dressed in the mornings. Thought I would throw in some holiday pizzazz in the form of a sequin tank. I like the alternating dark and light grey sequins as well as the fact that the back has nothing on it, so it is not disco ball overload. It is from Target. Also finally showing you the H&M sweater that is the home to the fur collar. I just like to use the collar a lot by itself lately. Over everything and anything in fact. Sure hope it is really faux fur - have you seen the Sean Jean mess that is reported as of late? Apparently after testing, some of their faux fur items in Macy's were actually a type of DOG (well maybe not doesmtic but STILL) hair. Look it up - it is crazinessssssssssssss. Back on track... jeans are Old Navy and boots are Aldo. Check back tomorrow for what I would LOVE to wear for NYE besides the beautiful classics I already showed you here.


Winter Nighties

Ok so admittedly you can not buy most of what I am wearing - ain't that a beyoooootch?!?! I was gifted this more than fantabulous vintage coat from non other than my multi-talented friend Deon, years ago and yes it is still pimpin'. The dress feels like a vintage nightie/ slip but is actually a dress - yes gifted - am I lucky or what!??! Lastly, the boots to keep me warm were a pressie but from this year's GUESS line. Prob on sale by now :) I love this outfit since it is so vintage which means no one else should be putting together this exactness and it is comfortable - a plus for me by any means at this stage in the game :) The fur collar has been pulled from an H&M sweater like all season now. I guess it is more useful on it's own!

NYE 2010

NYE 2010
NYE 2010 by verseastyle featuring sequin cocktail dresses
Several dresses shown above that would be perfect for NYE: just click on the links above for details on Polyvore. I love this year's solid gold rush, or drape yourself in sequins (what other night is more perfect for that than NYE?!) and as always a LBD will never go out of style - these 3 are just different enough to make you stand out in the crowd. Check back later this week to see what I choose to wear!


Going Underground til 2011

This outfit is beyond comfortable. All cotton pieces usually feel like pajamas and this is no exception. Asos harem pants, Aldo boots, Gap long sleeve T with velvet trim, vintage sweater, Coach purse. I think I have the messy-but-not-too-messy bun down finally! We had a beautiful white Christmas and I have everything I could hope for- wishing all of you lovelies the same. Next mode of business..... NYE 2010 :)


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

 Into gold, for today anyway - vintage necklace from my Grandmother (gifted rings)..
 I love the sheerness of this shirt with black and gold "stripes"..
 Perfect for wearing at work for the holidays with a tank under and jeans..
 The tree likes gold too apparently! Nine West heels.
 I love pressies!
Close up of shirt - found it at a vintage store on Mableton Parkway - $1.50! I would also wear it out at night with a LBD under, tights and heels.



Totally random group of snaps:

1) My new toy the "DROID PAD"- in loooooooove
2) & 3) Shades of grey look almost ombre on my crochet/ lace skirt. Love the pattern of the tights against the skirt. Not sure where it is from... found while shopping in my closet! Target tights/ Aldo boots
4) Beautifully decorated cupcakes from Gigi's in Atlanta

Almost to Christmas - are you ready?!!!


Weekend WrapUp


Fabulous weekend before Christmas! Dinner party wearing a black velvet maxi by Laundry. Party with the friends wearing a vintage leather skirt (zipper was pushed a little further down the leg when I actually left the house haha!) and vintage pink fuzzy sweater with Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges. Sunday a little shopping in a vintage leather jacket, FNO 2010 T, F21 leggings and J.C. Ticks again. Busy week ahead!!!


Carine RESIGNS!!!

Breaking news - the fashion world is a FLUTTER right now as Carine Roitfeld resigns as HBIC of Vogue Paris. Shocking news. Twitter is going OFF. What will we do? What will Vogue Paris do and who will be the new EIC??!! Announcement expected in a week. Oh Carine - I can not wait to see what you do next! We love you!!!!


Green Crop

Feeling the cropped sweaters again. Was off them for a while as I wanted long and blanket like for so long. This time around though I wam wearing cropped items with layering underneath, like the white top you see above. This does many things: keeps the sweater from itching me, layers to keep warm and hides the 'skin' that would be seen if I didn't! My hubby got me this sweater a few  (or 10 can't remember!) Christmas's ago so no telling where he went shopping! I really love the color - almost lime - almost. And look at that collar/ neckline! I pulled it up over my face when I was walking! Paired with black pants and a faux fur.


Let It Snow

Proving we got snow in Atlanta in December! Check out the yard in the video above! So what did I do? Stay in and watch Christmas movies, sleep, eat and paint my nails. Revlon Grey Suede. It is a "greige" that looks very nude on my pale hands which you can see below. I do like it though as it make my hands look like mannequin hands hahahaha.


Keeping it Warm

 Layers upon layers of what I wore yesterday, small socks, then leggings, then o.t.k. socks, then boots. The top half was long sleeved top under the python print top you can see and a grey blazer that you can not see. Let's not forget the huge faux fur that barely fit over all of this! haha It is friggin cold!
 I love a cape but this green one with fur (faux I hope) trim is beyond gorgeous.
Built a real wood fire the other night and will do so again tonight. Good movie or good book? Hmmmm trials and tribulations of life...


Hair Chameleon

On Saturday I got my hair cut and colored at my fave salon: Aura Hair & Makeup. Really they have everything in every price range and I love all of the stylists there! Not only that, but I am horrible at describing what I want perfectly and tend to come in with pictures instead, only to have them miraculously transcribe my mutterings and pointings into exactly what I want. Now THAT is hard to find! So this time, kept the length, cut in a few layers and subtle difference is the color. The color is now a calmer blond (my descriptors are horrible I said!), with lighter color on top and free hand painted darker color for "shadowing" lower down the hair shaft. As the title suggests I am always game with my hair. I have naturally dark brown curly hair and love to try new ways to tame it. Every color - you name it - I have tried it. Every length - you name it - I have tried it. It is fun and makes you look completely different every time. I would advise to try on a wig first before drastic changes for the faint of heart :). Also, don't forget to get your appointments made for the holidays or well before as they get super busy this time of year.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

A few decorating ideas for the home:
 Decorative chili's - they are called that (I think) - you are not supposed to eat them!
 A beautiful and classy looking tree with ribbons and red and silver decorations- check out the topper too!
 Poinsettias, red vases with white flowers and neutral lights on any tree that you already have in your house!
 From the painting above to the stockings below... all Christmas!
 My favorite idea! A bakers rack with collectible Santas of the World! Can put inside or out.
A simple silver wreath is stunning.

Get your ideas flowing. Nothing better than coming in from a long, cold day to a cozy, warm and Christmas decorated home!