Hair Chameleon

On Saturday I got my hair cut and colored at my fave salon: Aura Hair & Makeup. Really they have everything in every price range and I love all of the stylists there! Not only that, but I am horrible at describing what I want perfectly and tend to come in with pictures instead, only to have them miraculously transcribe my mutterings and pointings into exactly what I want. Now THAT is hard to find! So this time, kept the length, cut in a few layers and subtle difference is the color. The color is now a calmer blond (my descriptors are horrible I said!), with lighter color on top and free hand painted darker color for "shadowing" lower down the hair shaft. As the title suggests I am always game with my hair. I have naturally dark brown curly hair and love to try new ways to tame it. Every color - you name it - I have tried it. Every length - you name it - I have tried it. It is fun and makes you look completely different every time. I would advise to try on a wig first before drastic changes for the faint of heart :). Also, don't forget to get your appointments made for the holidays or well before as they get super busy this time of year.


  1. Your hair really looks nice. I believe I can see some highlights... Nice!!