Keeping it Warm

 Layers upon layers of what I wore yesterday, small socks, then leggings, then o.t.k. socks, then boots. The top half was long sleeved top under the python print top you can see and a grey blazer that you can not see. Let's not forget the huge faux fur that barely fit over all of this! haha It is friggin cold!
 I love a cape but this green one with fur (faux I hope) trim is beyond gorgeous.
Built a real wood fire the other night and will do so again tonight. Good movie or good book? Hmmmm trials and tribulations of life...


  1. It is so cold, no lie! I have been doing this too, ridiculous amounts of layers - so necessary! :)


  2. i love the way you layered and i wish i had a fire roaring like that at my place right now! looks great.