NYE in Atlanta..

Five Amazing Dresses Made of Food - Lemondrop.com, $95
Christian Louboutin Relika Platform shoe, 525 GBP
Alexander McQueen - 253118J33RG Knuckle Duster (Tortoise Shell) - Bags..., $2,149

NOW THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR TOMORROW!!! Wow. Check the dress for under $100 and an amazing story about the dress being made from FOOD here. So Lady Ga Ga-ish. OH yeah so if I get hungry while I am out I can just munch? Hmmmm. We are supposed to be getting a little warmer so I think a trench would be perfect. I kind of want to browse some thrift stores and find one and diy the studs on. Lots of work? Yes. Lots of money? No! How killer is it that the inside of the sole of the CL's kind of matches the dress color? Details, details. Also if you get a little drunk (ahem) you may not figure out how to open your clutch but you could either a) knock the crap out of someone or b) at least you won't lose your purse this year.... I think...

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  1. just wanted to let you know that i really love the content and imagery on your blog, happy new year.