Sequins At Work

This week in between Christmas and NYE is so weird to me. Some people at work, but it is very casual and laid back. Almost everyone wears jeans everyday and no one works a full day... if they are even here. Sounds good to me, but is making me very lazy in getting dressed in the mornings. Thought I would throw in some holiday pizzazz in the form of a sequin tank. I like the alternating dark and light grey sequins as well as the fact that the back has nothing on it, so it is not disco ball overload. It is from Target. Also finally showing you the H&M sweater that is the home to the fur collar. I just like to use the collar a lot by itself lately. Over everything and anything in fact. Sure hope it is really faux fur - have you seen the Sean Jean mess that is reported as of late? Apparently after testing, some of their faux fur items in Macy's were actually a type of DOG (well maybe not doesmtic but STILL) hair. Look it up - it is crazinessssssssssssss. Back on track... jeans are Old Navy and boots are Aldo. Check back tomorrow for what I would LOVE to wear for NYE besides the beautiful classics I already showed you here.

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