Winter Nighties

Ok so admittedly you can not buy most of what I am wearing - ain't that a beyoooootch?!?! I was gifted this more than fantabulous vintage coat from non other than my multi-talented friend Deon, years ago and yes it is still pimpin'. The dress feels like a vintage nightie/ slip but is actually a dress - yes gifted - am I lucky or what!??! Lastly, the boots to keep me warm were a pressie but from this year's GUESS line. Prob on sale by now :) I love this outfit since it is so vintage which means no one else should be putting together this exactness and it is comfortable - a plus for me by any means at this stage in the game :) The fur collar has been pulled from an H&M sweater like all season now. I guess it is more useful on it's own!

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