Last Look Back..

A look back Jan - Dec 2011. Apparently I like color a lot more on my hair than in my clothing! lol


Stylish Gifts

From brilliant books to treasure:
 to an almost endless supply of fun lashes:

 to a customized metallic rose plate:
..... to, of course, clothes which I will show you next year! I got some stylish gifts from some very treasured people who know me oh so well.


Mint Condition

Mint green or sage is such a pick me up color in winter! I wore this last week when we had temps around 70, hence the bare legs. This crop sweater is so old I have no idea where I even got it - maybe in England.. It has obviously gone in and out of trend over the years and this time around you have to wear a higher waist than say in the 90's (whew!). So I hiked up the BCBG pleated skirt and added a vintage velvet blazer to try to emphasize that I do have a waist under all this bell like silhouette. I am not really the one to declare "I can't wear (fill in whatever here)".... but there are some shapes that do look better than others when one is not a size 0 and has some actual curves. :) This one is for those not afraid to reveal those curves ...
Mint shoes! Yes they actually are ombre and turn to a blueish color - they were a great find for the Verseastyle Boutique. The earrings were made from a local Atlanta artist and were a gift.


All White Party

All white parties are not my bff- especially when it has been pouring down all week, combined with a natural tendency to spill. So, play it safe and dress down in all cotton pieces that can be bleached and not to mention extremely cheap pieces here people ~ which translates to all fun and no worry! Casual F21 silver boots with H&M shirt and Target jeans gets dressed up a little with gifted big and bulky silver jewelry.



1. DKNY clutch
2. Marc Fisher boots
3. Zara jeans, Aldo boots
4. January US Vogue
5. Sage or mint green anything, as well as tribal or Aztec prints
6. Current polish and lip include Pink Blossom balm by Burt's Bees, NYC Skin Tight Denim Creme and Sally Hansen Commander in Chic
7. Forget the big bags right now after all of that Christmas shopping and grab a clutch big enough for the wallet, phone, keys and lips


Silver Tips

I still really like this DC Comics Cat Woman Claw Ring

 Does anyone know where we can find the Nowhere silver tip boots or shoes in the US?
 Marc Jacobs boots from netaporter.com
 Cute Christmas gift for under $20 is the new magnetic nail polish from Nails Inc available at Sephora.
We have seen the metal tips on shirts lately and I like to look at the cowboy sites for a different spin on the trendy takes. Wildcowboys.com is where I found the above shirt tips and I have even found silver boot tips too.. may have to do a diy.. speaking of ~ I have one inspired by Carolines Mode or SSS ~one of her joints... that I must try, like, today since the weather has been 70 - no typo - 70 during the day.. Christmas shopping should be finished today or realistically by Monday :) lesssssgo


Last Night

On the town last night - dinner was a delicious lobster ravioli! I wore a T by Alexander Wang dress, H&M sweater, Verseastyle Boutique vintage coat and purse, Dollhouse boots, Movado watch and Kenneth Cole bracelet.


Campagne di moda

What is it about the Italian design houses that I love so much? This season my two favorite campaigns are by Fendi and Bottega Veneta as shown above. Glamorous, modern, classy, seductive and oh so Italian. I love it.

PC: Google Images