Day 2 of being iced in and the snow has started to come down yet again! I could either get really creative since I am forced to be inside or begin a case of cabin fever. I choose the former. Thank God I have a roof, food and warmth. Our power has managed to stay on - this is nothing compared to some of the devastations taking place in other parts of the world right now so off with the negative thoughts that no one really cares about and on to one topic we all care about: fashion! :) Sometimes I really have no explanation for why I put items together. I feel 80's ish with my bandana and moppy hair but also nineties British with my F21 silver heels and Red by Mark Echo sweats. Yeah I know those aren't "cool" - but the beauty of coming into my own is that I no longer care to hide that I am wearing a Wal-Mart bra (but oh how cute is the leopard print and neon pink straps!?) and an H&M top and F21 bow ring and a faux fur from Charlotte Russe. I wear what feels right and what feels good and this my friends..... feels good.

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