Mimi and Red

Lately I have become a little bored with my regular online shops, not that they are to blame - it is my fashion fickleness. I try to search out online boutiques that may carry different lines than the region I live in. Introducing MIMI and RED. They are located in CA, USA, but rejoice we can all shop there without enduring the TSA. I would just about live in the grey jumper above. The prices are not that bad. They seem to be able to appease everyone! The colorful dress and blue romper are perfect for dreaming of up coming holidays or just to get ready for SS 11 - it is almost time :) So no marketing or hype or freebies for me.. I just actually like their site... go ahead and visit.. it won't hurt.

All images from www.mimiandred.com

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  1. I love that blue one!