"Minx" and Maxi

The dress is "Missoni-ish" from my H&M spree I mentioned last post. So comfy and I even have an asymetrical sweater in this same print from the f/w collection, which would go perfectly over this. We did have 70 degree weather for a brief moment this weekend and did not need a jacket or sweater or shoes apparently....but ah yes a hat was a must :) F21 and less floppy than the usual suspects we are seeing of late. Last night I also did my own nails. I have been wanting to try the "Minx" nails but the price is OUCH. Sooooo on true form to me, wait a little while and whaddayaknow... Walgreens had these Broadway Nails for a fiver ($5.00). 28 stickers so you can get 2 times out of the pack. So far so good. Easy to put on, I swear, and I am not one of those that can paint both hands easily lol. I also put a top coat on so let's see how long these suckers last before I start singing the praises wholeheartedly. Happy Monday all - already Feb.?!?!

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