Back at work after a wonderful vacation! Wearing H&M dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and old leather jacket!



Thrifted 70's looking patchwork suede coat. Fantastic! I don't know if you can tell the lining is the coolest mint green silk. Also wearing GUESS? Boots, H&M bag, random Macy's dress... vacaycay after today for almost a week - sooooooooooooooooo ready!


Diggin u

Current diggable items/ people:

 Sasha in Vogue(UK) above: Love the white/black and especially the black laces and black hat to offset an otherwise all white outfit. This look would be perfect for Arielle of Something Navy - one of my favoritist bloggers right now! She already OWNS those white Lita's too! Check her out at NYFW in almost the exact opposite:

Image below is from the current Koton collection . The uber preppy looks are not for moi, but the sweater dress below is a keeper. Mostly I love her hair. I just bought some clip in bangs to try out... will let you see as soon as I have them at least partially mastered :)
I have been eyeing this YSL skirt. The placement of the pocket is all the change you need in an otherwise  traditional A line skirt and of course the ultimate - black/white combo. The price? Coming in at just under a mere $1500.00 ...

I have been seeing this new eyeliner trick everywhere! This look is in the current Harpers Bazaar (US). I think I want to try it. Considering that is where most of my eyeliner ends up - why not START at the crease?!

I also love her curly hair and the adidas-esque pants. Funny how if we saw anyone in Walmart pimpin' these, it would somehow not look so cool. Denni of The Chic Muse shows us all how to do it street style:

Off to catch up on the collections! Muah xoxoxo  

Images sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue, Something Navy, The Chic Muse and Bergdorf Goodman


Happy Valentine's Day!

With Love,


Jacket: Christiana Zinn
Dress: Ralph Lauren
Tights: Target
Belt: Guess
Sunnies: Michael Kors
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


Leather and Lace

A little leather and lace for ya.... I first wore this dress (here) last year when I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $15.00! Styled completely different this time, you can see that it is verseastyle enough to even do a casual look. I paired it with an old leather jacket, a Guess belt, Target tights and Jeffrey Campbell fur Mariels. Did you notice the headband with a touch of neon green? Totally digging the black and white with touch of neon anything for SS 11. You can thank the beauty below for that! I am so trying the pink ends on my hair too... any day now...

Photos/ Editing by: Sara F.

Image from knightcat


Fringe Benefits

Anyone can enjoy the fun and beauty of a black purse with fringe! Here are 3 similiar(ish) styles for 3 very different price points:
1. Valentino  $2360.00
3. The one I purchased at H&M $29.99


Ay Papi!!

Papi's Cuban Cuisine has the BEST Cuban Sandwich in Atlanta! I love going to such a bright and energetic place for lunch to revamp. I am in love with my new gifted "DIVA" leggings. These girls start conversations everywhere I go! Paired with a thrifted velvet top/dress which has gotten way more wear than one would anticipate from a $3.00 purchase - wait, I think it was even on sale for $1.50! The heels are Vince Camuto by way of TJ Maxx for about $25.00. My new purse is H&M ~ I have close up shots coming later for ya...


Simple and Fabulous

It is all about proportions, color and texture. This is a beautiful collection from Carin Wester. Time for the reverse as it always is in fashion - revoloving and going forward. So progressing from 2010 lean and skinny bottoms with larger proportion tops, we will now go into looser silhouettes on the bottom and more of a skinny / short proportion on top. Anything silky and shiny always gets my heart!

Images from KnightCat



Determined to find the perfect nude shoe for this SS 11. The nude color elongates your legs and really who can have legs that are TOO long?! A nude shoe is also a no brainer for those of you out there with little to no time or simply get confused by what shoes to wear with what - all those questions can be answered with a simple nude shoe. These can all be purchased at Solestruck. I like to buy from them since they are family owned, ship FAST, always the right order and the cutest slogan out there. Check them out. From top: Jeffrey Campbell (in canvas), Meseca, the rock star Lita's in SHAG!!, Jeffrey Campbell Burbs and finally Sam Edelman. I want comfort, height, the perfect color, and since they are so verseastyle I really want to buy 2 pairs: both open and closed toe. Leaning towards the first and last pairs.

All pictures are from Solestruck


Black Swan

I kinda feel like Natalie Portman lol..... "tutu-ish" skirt, topknot bun, tights and shoes that make me look like I am standing on my tippy toes! I wear this skirt year round as you can atest to here. It was more than a bargain when I picked it up at Target last summer (and has pockets - my all time fave for a dress or skirt). Tights from Target, Shoes from Aldo and vintage sweater with faux fur panels on the front. I am in love all over again. It has been stored away for a while now. Now where is my leopard trim sweater???

Photography by Sara F.




Simply stunning

Photo from FGR

Corporate Chic

Meetings are inevitable at some point! I am not comfortable with the overly stuffy look of most corporate "looks" or styles. I do not want to wear a beige suit with a white shirt every day. Just don't! Not for me! To each their own of course.... for me there has to be a play factor, I mean, what is fashion if not playing dress up everyday?! I took a simple shirt dress by Merona for Target (which by the way is the best color for a drab day), 9 West pumps, black U neck T by INC and then just played with the hair and earrings. The earrings are also Target and I am contemplating taking off the clear baubles to leave just the spike and chains. Hard core, I know :)

Photos by Sara F.